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Pregnant belly mama

pregnancy belly mama

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We are more than Antenatal Educators...we are passionate about empowering women to have amazing birth experiences so they can enjoy motherhood without fear or anxiety. We want all mothers to experience complete confidence in their bodies and their ability to be mothers 

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What we offer 

Belly Mamas are experienced antenatal educators offering education, midwife and doula services to all women! 

Hypnobirthing & Education

We offer hypnobirthing classes for women to assist in creating an empowering experience, reducing anxiety and fear around birth. We provide comprehensive and tailored education to ensure our clients are prepared and confident about birth and early parenthood. 



We provide Doula services for birth and postnatal period, including a full birth preparation for women and their partners. 


Midwifery Advocacy 

We offer midwife advocacy specifically designed to work alongside your existing care provide to facilitate better communication and problem-solving to help you create a plan which suits your exact needs. 


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You deserve a Blissful journey into parenthood. It's time you do something for you. 

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